Digital Procurement
for Construction

Already more than 100 construction sites are using comstruct to order from their suppliers, digitize delivery notes, and automate their invoice approval process.

Platform for procurement 4.0

comstruct ist die Plattform, durch die Bauunternehmen ihren Materialeinkauf digitalisieren und automatisieren. Sämtliche Lieferscheine, Rechnungen und Bestellungen werden digital mit den Lieferanten ausgetauscht. Folgeprozesse wie die Rechnungsprüfung werden automatisiert. Alle Daten des Einkaufs werden für Dokumentationen, Auswertungen und Prozessoptimierungen nutzbar gemacht.


Order in the App

Simply store your framework agreements and call up concrete, iron lists and much more from your suppliers directly from the app.


Digital Delivery Note

Put an end to paperwork and individual solutions. We provide you with all your suppliers' delivery bills in one place for checking - without any complex IT projects.


Automated Invoice Approval

We automatically reconcile invoice items with delivery bills and master agreements. In case of discrepancies, we inform you immediately.


Data for Post-Calculation

We provide you with all the data you need. For example, you can compare invoice data and delivery quantities directly with your cost estimate and the BOS.

As an app or directly in your system

Our goal is simple processes. And you know your processes and systems better than anyone else. That's why we give you an open platform that adapts to your individual processes.

As an App

Procurement 4.0 in one app for your browser, tablet, and smartphone

As an API

All data from you suppliers directly in your systems

How our customers are using comstruct

Every construction company is different. Some customers manage their entire operational purchasing in our apps, others only use our supplier interfaces to transfer information directly into their ERP, and still others have opted for a hybrid solution. One platform, different use cases.

Cellere Bau AG

We digitize and transfer all delivery bills from Cellere Bau AG. These are checked at the construction site and then transferred to the daily report.

Keller-Frei AG

The road construction and civil engineering company Keller-Frei AG uses our mobile application for digital retrieval of concrete, bulk materials and waste. 

ERNE AG Bauunternehmung

ERNE foremen order concrete and iron lists digitally via app. Delivery note information is then used for data evaluations.

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