Volle Kontrolle über die Rechnungsprüfung

Digital delivery notes

comstruct provides you with digital delivery bills from all your suppliers and helps you process them efficiently.

Automated Invoice Approval

Your incoming invoices are automatically compared at item level with the digital delivery notes and the previously uploaded conditions.

Digital ordering

Site managers and foremen can order materials from suppliers via comstruct.

Alle Informationen zu Materialverbräuchen digital an einem Ort

We provide the purchasing department with structured data for well-founded decisions in real time.

Connected instead of isolated solutions

We can connect your existing systems to our platform and share data between them. You decide which processes you want to map through comstruct and how to incorporate it in your existing systems.

Die nächsten Schritte für deine Rechnungsprüfung

Lerne uns kennen und finde in einem kurzen Gespräch heraus, wie comstruct dich bei der automatisierten Rechnungsprüfung unterstützen kann.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is needed to set up the platform?

For a pilot project, we need (1) the specifications of the construction sites, (2) the list of participating users and authentication requirements and (3) the list of suppliers relevant for the sites. We then set up the platform, create the users and connect the suppliers.

As soon as the platform is ready, we train the users on site and answer any open questions. Users are assigned a contact person in our team who provides technical support for the project. We also give users access to our detailed learning platform.

If the use of comstruct is extended to all construction sites, the setup depends on the existing infrastructure. Important points for us here are (1) the synchronization of projects and users (e.g. via AD), (2) existing authentication and IT security guidelines and (3) possible connections to internal systems.

How will comstruct support me in operating the platform?

Users are assigned a contact person in our team who helps with the use and adaptation of the software. We also regularly visit the construction sites to support the foreman and site manager.

How does the supplier integration work?

We contact the suppliers ourselves and work directly with them to find a way of sharing the relevant data digitally. Depending on the supplier's existing infrastructure, we use different approaches to making the data suitable for our platform. 

What impact will the introduction of the platform have on our existing IT systems?

We generally use the joint pilot phase to outline the digital purchasing process together and decide how the different systems need to interact with each other. During this phase, you can decide which steps you want to map on our platform and for which features you choose to use your existing systems.

Does comstruct offer a way to export the data available on the platform?

All data and documents can be exported as CSV and PDF files.

How does comstruct ensure data protection?

We use encryption mechanisms to protect all data and strictly adhere to GDPR regulations. We are supported by an external data protection officer to ensure compliance with all measures.