Interact digitally with your customers

Process customer orders efficiently

comstruct supports you in efficiently processing the dynamic data transmission requirements of construction companies.

Process orders digitally

We enable your customers to order digitally from you.

Next steps for your sales department

Get to know us and find out how comstruct can support you in digitizing your ordering process.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is needed to set up the platform?

Once the scope of the data to be transferred has been determined, we work on connecting the platform to your existing systems. The interfaces to the most common systems are already in place. As soon as you receive requests from your customers to share data, we will take care of the next steps for you. 

How will comstruct support me in operating the platform?

comstruct will provide you with a contact person who will offer ongoing support in using and customizing the interface. 

What impact will the introduction of the platform have on our existing IT systems?

We generally outline the digital purchasing process together with our customers and decide how the different systems need to interact with each other. During this phase, you can decide which steps you want to map on our platform and for which features you choose to use your existing systems. 

How does comstruct ensure data protection?

We use encryption mechanisms to protect all data and strictly adhere to GDPR regulations. We are supported by an external data protection officer to ensure compliance with all measures.